Brazil’s worst heartbreak in Football history

Brazil national football team was considered as one of the world’s football powerhouses. Brazil’s worst heartbreak in Football history they are in the top 10 in FIFA World Rankings as the 7th seed.  They ultimately worship the football and treated it as a religion and love interest for an instance. They had several football stadiums that epitomized their passion in the sport.  As a testament to that, they hosted the recently concluded 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP. It was the second time that they hosted the World Cup (the first was from 1950).

Selecao, the club’s nickname, is the winningest team in World Cup with five championships. They acquired the title in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002. The squad was led by some of the greatest players to ever step in the pitch like Pele and Ronaldinho. The country also owns the best overall performance in World Cup with 70 victories in 104 matches, 119 goal difference, 227 points and only 17 losses. As mentioned earlier, Brazil has several stadiums. Their economic status was severely suffered because they had to prepare heavily for the upcoming competition. The people also complained about it and said that they should’ve built schools, hospitals and other useful establishments. However, their voices are not heard as the Brazilian government continued to organize the momentous event.

Brazil’s worst heartbreak in Football history

The Brazilian squad was led by notable players such as Barca’s Neymar, David Luiz of Paris Saint-Germain and Marquinhos also from Barca. They are the household favorites to win the World Cup title and the expectations are highly raised to them.In the group stage, Selecao dominated the Group A together with Mexico to advance to the knockout stage by compiling 7 points (+5 in goal differential) from 2-1-0 record. However, their first knockout game wasn’t easy.

In the round of 16, they have to face the tough Chilean squad led by Alexis Sanchez. The score went in a draw, 1-1 and the penalty shootout came in. Fortunately, Selecao converted three penalties against the two from Chile to advance in the quarterfinals.In the next round, they picked up the victory, 2-1 against Colombia, from David Luiz and Thiago Silva’s goal to enter the penultimate round. As things seem to go easy and a little bit comfortable for Selecao, they faced their toughest assignment that tested their toughness and strength.

Going on to the semifinals, they faced the stacked Germany squad led by goalkeeper Manuel Neuer and Miroslav Klose. The beginning of an end came for Selecao as the Germans scored five goals in the first half against a nil for Brazil. The heavily-partisan Brazilian crowd was struck into tears as they saw their team being squashed by the visitors. Klose converted his 16th goal in the half, which is an all time-high in the World Cup history, surpassing Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the second chapter, things didn’t go in Selecao’s way as they failed to score in the majority of the session. Germany added two more goals to complete their domination to Brazil. Seconds later, Brazil broke away with Oscar scoring in the 90th minute to make it 7-1, but it wasn’t enough as they suffer their worst loss since 1920 against Uruguay (6-0). The defeat also ended the 62 competitive home wins for Selecao. Brazil’s worst heartbreak in Football history The Brazilian players left the pitch in tears with the chorus of boos from their fans. Germans went on to win the World Cup title against the Lionel Messi-led Argentinian group, 1-0. Indeed, it was a tough setback for Brazil. They prepared mightily for the event but things didn’t go on their way.

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