E-Games also was known as electronic games or entertainment games

It is also E-Games also was known as electronic games or entertainment games abbreviated as EG. In the ancient days, it referred to the casual traditional computer games. They mainly refer to the games that have been programmed on the computer mainly video games. These games went officially public in 1996. These games can be played online or even downloaded from the internet to your computer or mobile phones. The main purpose of this game is mainly for entertainment.

These games are classified according to purpose, the number of users and the playing environment. According to purpose mainly means the reasons why those games are used. In classification according to purpose, we have: educational games, public policy games (educate on some aspects of policy), political and social games, games of health, business games, military games, commercial games, advergames (This is mainly for advertisement) and finally online communities.

Another classification is according to the number of players in the game. This includes single player (only one player in the game), two players and multi-player (more than two players) also in this category we have multi-team that is played by more than two teams. Finally, we have classification according to the playing environment, this mainly means if it’s connected to a given network or not. Therefore, we have online single player games, online multi-player and multi-team games, offline games and finally mobile games (handheld and cell-phones).

E-Games also was known as electronic games or entertainment games

These games, especially multiplayer enable people to have social interaction, although not face to face. They also have a way to protect their users from dangerous adverts and people who might be of harm to them. Despite this, e-game users especially who are online are warned against sharing of sensitive information. When creating the games it enables the designers to be creative and thus help them think.

E-games have their own tools. They help the designers have some physiological exercises and also design the games according to user needs. Generally, these tools don’t require one to code. These tools include; Game maker, which one to make their own exciting games without necessarily coding. Game editor is design software that gives you the opportunity to create computer games. Flash® Professional is mainly used to create video games. Others include XNA Studio, Blender, OGRE, Mediator and Macromedia Authorware. These tools are majorly used for the creation of the e-games without majorly having to code it.

E-games have also led to positive impacts, especially in the computing world. These impacts include familiarization of students to the computer. It has led to spread of computers and other devices like video tools and play stations. Some of the e-games have been used as an education tool hence making learning fun and easy to understand. E-games are also important tools for marketing and social interactions between various players.

 Though it has positive impacts, it has also lead to great disadvantages. This includes wastage of time, low productivity level among others. For children, e-games have exposed them to sites like pornographic sites that are very sensitive to their morals.  It has been named to be one of the most addictive and time consuming sport. A greater disadvantage is that it might lead to interaction of users to people with bad motives. This might lead to crimes like kidnapping.

To ensure that we get the positive and negative impacts we should make sure we use these games just for leisure and not excessively. E-Games also was known as electronic games or entertainment games It is of great importance that we be careful of about information we put on e-games sites. This will help protect us from crimes like frauds and other crimes that are common on the internet.

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