Sports one of the most favorable activities

Sports are of many types and all are very interesting, some have few players and other have more players depending upon the nature of the sports. Sports one of the most favorable activities of the people even in the older times. If we search in the history we can see that all eras had sports which they might be playing either for health and fitness or for entertainment purposes. Nowadays sports is considered as a part of life for staying healthy in both eastern and western countries. People think that games are necessary for a better development of brain and body as well. Sports not only provide entertainment but teach patience, team management, ethics, obeying rules and regulations etc.

Sports play a great part in our lives starting from the childhood when been in the schools we are trained in different sports depending upon the interests of each student individually either its USA, UK, Canada or Pakistan we can see them also promoting sports and being part of the national and international sports federations. People love to do sports, watch sports and promote them as well. At school and high school level students are encouraged to take a part in sports of their choice and those who play great are later made a part of national and international level teams.

Sports one of the most favorable activities of the people

Sports have many kind of competitions as well, out of which some are annual and some are monthly. People from all around the world get together each year for these sports e.g. Olympics. While talking about the benefits of sports we can see that not only the body but the brain is also entertained by sports because whole body works under stress and brain has now to manage both exercise as well as the oxygen demand of whole body, all this process is very good for our health and fitness where we train our bodies according to alarming and serious conditions and to train good management in emergency health situations etc.

Not only boys but girls also take part in sports equally and are as good in it as boys. Although having not that strong bodies as boys have, still girls compete to a very good level with boys in all sports. For playing sports we need to have the sports items which include balls, bats, tennis, and rackets and even for some sports we need animals to play as well e.g. horses, bulls etc. We need some other items to play sports and these are for the protection of the bodies of the players e.g. the safety masks they wear, safety goggles , head protections , teeth protections etc. When any game is been played there is a backup team as well beside the actual playing team and this is because of any emergency situations which may happen.

We also have health care professional team which is ready all the time high alert during sports to facilitate any health problem that the players may encounter during playing or they also assist in case of any emergency bone breakage, injuries or other severe cases like these. Sportsmen are also provided with a lot of benefits from their countries as well as from the countries in which they travel to play. Many countries are famous because of their specific sports which they play, Sports one of the most favorable activities for example, Brazil is famous for football, Pakistan for hockey, UK for soccer etc. All those countries which do play sports or promote sports progress and develop more as compared to those which do not play or take part in sports. So the sports should be a part of life.


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