Thunderball lottery – Here are facts you should know!

Many say that gambling is already in the blood of most UK people, but generally, everyone considers it as a worthwhile national pastime. Thunderball lottery – Here are facts you should know! In fact, it virtually looks like you cannot see any high streets without noticing at least one, during weekends, who is not spending some hefty sums of money on different games. Thus, it is no surprise then that Thuderball lottery is one of the wealthiest game among internationally acclaimed lottery game. Thunderball is one of the most popular trusted lottery offered in U.K, becoming an international sensation due to its high-winning jackpot prices. This famous lottery game was introduced by Camelot Group, whilst operated by the National Lottery Commission.

The main competition within Thunderball lottery is being staged/drawn twice a week, which is every Wednesday and Saturday. The game only cost £1 in order to play the game. In Thunderball jackpot draw, players are required to select 5 main numbers from 1-39 and one Thunderball number from 1-14 for the entry fee of £1/board. The prices may be won by matching up the main numbers with the matches of the ‘Thunderball number’ winning higher prizes.

Thunderball lottery – Here are facts you should know that can help you win

The best probable prize of the game (now £500,000) is won by matching all 5 main numbers as well as the ‘Thunderball number’. There’s also a new £3 prize just for matching the ‘thunderball number’ alone. Wednesday and the Friday draw are shown live at the Thunderball Lottery official website while the Saturday is shown at BBC One.

The very first Thunderbolt lottery draw was held on June 12, 1999, and was originally done every Saturday only. The lottery rule changed substantially on May 9, 2010. But before this date, the Thunderball matches were drawn from numbers 1-34. And unlike the recent rule, there is no prize given to the participants by matching the ‘Thunderball number’ alone, and the top-prize (for matching up five main numbers and thunderball) offered was just half of the current jackpot at £250,000. But in the recent rule, the Friday draw was introduced along to the Wednesday and Saturday draws. Following these changes, while the chance of winning everything on Thunderball is more than doubled, the chances of winning the top-prizes has more than halved. In order to play the game, the players should be eligible of the following requirements:

  • Players should be 16 years & older
  • Tickets should be bought in person at the approved premises in UK or certified online service provider
  • Online purchase of the lottery ticket from the ‘National Lottery’ website is not applicable for people who has U.K bank account (for direct debit or debit card purposes), and are resident in the Isle Man or U.K (or physically present in these places when making ticket purchase).
  • The ticket purchaser (for a syndicate) or manager, must meet the eligibility criteria set by the National Lottery Commission when it comes to ticket purchase. Syndicate member should be 16-years of age and older
  • The lottery tickets were not transferable, thus syndicate are not permitted (e.g where extra charges were levied over & above the total face value of the ticket purchased).

Winning the Game

Although luck plays a huge role in winning the game, still, there are some strategies one can used to in order to have an insight of the winning combination. There are lots of tips around the internet guiding players on how to win the most popular yet difficult Thunderball.

Winning the jackpot from lottery games, there is a need for you to decide whether you are to take the payment being a lump sum or being an annuity. Thunderball lottery – Here are facts you should know! You might consider consulting a tax attorney, certified financial planner or a certified public accountant in order to discuss those financial implications of every option before you decide. Based on the state of residence, the tax could be high like 50% depending on your other winnings and income.

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